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So, ya wanna read the private stuff, huh?

I try to illuminate the process of mental health counseling, psychotherapy, psychiatry, etc, from both sides of the power dyad, using real and made up examples. Also, among my favorite topics to write on is the "teaching" of physics and cosmology from the standpoint of psychology and humanology, culminating in syntheory. This is kind of the reverse perspective of Roger Penrose's 1997 book, "The Large, The Small and the Human Mind". (If you find this book, and you're psychologically educated, definately try to make it through at least chapter three!)

Please be forewarned: I in no way wish to imply my ideas are "cutting edge" for the sciences of physics or astrophysics, etc. However, for the science of psychology and related fields, they are. It has long been a criticism of psychology that it is not a valid science without a real connection to the physical sciences like biology, chemistry and physics. Such a link is what I endevor to accomplish with syntheory.

So far, the private essay titles include: "The Hearts of the Matter", "What is Humanology?", "The Flame Analogy in Detail", "More Ideas on Cosmology", and "The Stroke of Realization".

It's not a paperback yet, but I add to it occasionally. I'm now asking for a donation of at least $5.00 until it's a lot longer. Material will be emailed to your specified email address upon my reciept of cash, or after the money order, etc, is cashed; I still need to establish a PayPal account. My appologies for the hassle of mailing me something; you may always omit your return address if you like.

If you request my writings, keep in mind that at this point you're only getting a lot of ideas, not pages. (The current length of the page hosting all private essays together, is about one quarter of my psycho page.) Remember that your needed donation will also be helping me to continue writing on all of my topics for everyone else. Service to others is where it's at.


Important: Please do not post what you receive from me on the Internet in whole or in large part. (Only "fair usage" citings will be acceptable.) I reserve the right to return any donation and send no essays.

And finally, please send a minimum donation of US $ 5.00
(equivalence in Euros gladly accepted).

You may send cash, money order or international money order to me at the address you receive from me via email. I will gladly waive the donation for requests made from impoverished, "third world" countries ... just ask.

Ken Windish


Contact me privately for my mailing address info via either syntheory@yahoo.com or ken.windish.la on FaceBook (recommended as I check it way more often).

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