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Some of my original diplomas are MIA. So far, I have not yet replaced my high school diploma from Hamburg, so I figure that until I get a replacement diploma, I'll just present my senior portrait and class picture, instead! ISH, class of 1979. We could have had a whole other row, but there were multiple absenses that day. I think there was some kind of event happening somewhere, leading several juniors and seniors to ditch school that day. At the time I attended ISH, there were about 500 students from K through 12, hailing from 42 different nations. (There are currently about 750 students attending K-12, hailing from about 50 countries. The breakup of the Soviet Union would add a couple right there.) Side Dish of ISH's location history.


What? That's not good enough for you?? You don't believe I graduated yet??? Well, OK. Here's the program printed up for the graduation ceremony. (Publishing their school-aged faces is one thing; publishing everybody's name is quite another! All student names are omitted, except mine.)


What? You're still not convinced I actually graduated? Well, alright then. Here's a picture from the 1978-79 yearbook showing the headmaster, Dr. Brandt handing me my diploma during the graduation ceremony held on Thursday June 28th, 1979! How's that?


All I can say is if you're still not convinced I actually graduated, then you're just going to have to wait until I get my replacement diploma from ISH! ...bugger.

My original Stockton State College diploma from 1985 is MIA. What I have here to show you is just a digital scan of a photocopy of the original diploma:

When the school changed its name the first time (in 1994), dropping its state affiliation, we were given the opportunity to buy a replacement diploma with the new name, the "Richard Stockton College" on it. I bought one, displayed below:

Then, in the spring semester of 2015, the school changed its name again, and began operating under its current name, Stockton University; hence, my modern SU diploma below. It's nice that they've specified the major now, too. Please excuse the big blackouts as some seals and signatures were omitted in my efforts to help fight academic credential fraud:

What? You want to see my grades, too?! My, you are a curious little one, aren't you? OK - here they are!

My original Cal State Hayward diploma is shown next. When the school changed its name to Cal State East Bay, to reflect its growing, multi-city presence, it offered us replacement diplomas with the new name, which I bought and display below the CSUH one. Please excuse the big blackouts. Some seals and signatures were omitted in my efforts to help fight academic credential fraud.


Whoops! Another name change:

The 13th is correct, the 12th is not.


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