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privacy - No privacy! No, really now. I will only use your first name and last initial at most, should I quote you from an email you sent me or in an entry from my Guestbook. Otherwise, my website is advertisment, cookies and pop-ups free. My webpages won't know who you are or care where you're coming from! right by copyright.


writing - My coverage of the material may seem cursory at present. This is because I have so many topics in mind that the way they come out is in spurts of ideas. I eventually come back to my topics and flesh them out more. It is my sincere hope that in the meantime, my readers do not just wait to learn everything from me! Instead, you are encouraged to learn more about the topic(s) that grab you, elsewhere on your own.

I have received only limited feedback on my non-psychopath writings so far. From what I gather, my ideas are interesting, but when I get "scientific" -- ie the vertebrate eye analogy -- people without such specialized knowledge lose it. Hence, it will do my readers well if I return to that area and "teach" more about the electrochemical workings of neurons in general.

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