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privacy - No privacy for you! No, really now. I will only use your first name and last initial at most, should I quote you from an email you sent me or in an entry from my Guestbook. However, I may feature you along with all the info I have about you, as I did on my backfire page, should you take a malevolent stance toward me or my website. Otherwise, my website is free of cookies and pop-ups, and is almost advertisment free, too. My web pages won't know who you are or care where you're coming from!


writing - My coverage of the material may seem cursory at present. This is because I have so many topics in mind that the way they come out is in spurts of ideas. I eventually come back to my topics and flesh them out more. It is my sincere hope that in the meantime, my readers do not just wait to learn everything from me! Instead, you are encouraged to learn more about the topic(s) that grab you, elsewhere on your own... unless, of course, I'm the only person producing such material! In that case, please have patience and ...stand by.

I have received only limited feedback on my non-psychopath writings so far. From what I gather, my ideas are interesting, but when I get "scientific" -- ie the vertebrate eye analogy -- people without such specialized knowledge lose it. Hence, it would do my readers well if I returned to that area and "taught" more about the electrochemical workings of neurons in general, in order to fully comprehend the analogy. Unfortunately, I'm not the person for that. There are others WAY more qualified than I to teach you about neurology and biology, etc. I suggest you seek them out. But whatever you do, ...keep learning!

I also have present a small term that can weed out the prejudiced, narrow-minded reader. By dropping the word "aura" into the mix, it sends some readers running, having experienced an academic flashover. I find this humorous to some extent. I believe it to be an academic mistake to abandon the entire work on the basis of one word! So I put that word out there purposely for its effect. It's almost as good as referring to religions of any kind. And if one actually bothers to look, I simply define an aura as a surrounding "energy field", or the heat you feel radiating from someone's body!

By the way, I find the conventional academic environment too stiff, stifling, and conservative to follow too closely. I am instead interested in my own personal style of academic work as well as producing what can be called "Edutainment", to a lesser degree. Occasionally I will try to focus on the experience of the reader more than on teaching a particular topic. I will make an effort to be humorous, yet still deliver the academic goods... remember, this is an amusement park, after all!

And finally, you'll see me using two little dots above the second e, o or u in an English word! I figure that turnabout is fair play. I'm always seeing the German language tweaked to be more like English! Yech! I just think to myself stuff like, die Reinerhaltung der deutsche Spraaach-he! (Said as Otto might.) What the two dots mean in English is that the indicated vowel is pronounced differently than the one just before it. An example would be "reŽntry"; the first is a long e and the second is a short one! However, I'll bet you see it written more as re-entry; then the rule doesn't apply. Further examples would be coŲperation, also seen as co-operation; and continuŁm - almost never seen as continu-um!



The following section may be known as an "A-WIP" (A Work In Progress, beginning on Sunday the 19th of Aug., 2018):



My initial 1999 online publication via was comprised of the following pages, all located in the website's "root directory": glossary.html (migrating to 2002's new "refs" directory), biblio1.html and biblio2.html (split up into three biblio pages in 2001, and later re-located to 2002's new "refs" directory). The two biblio pages started out as A-M and N-Z and were later expanded into A-H, I-P and Q-Z. This page you're currently reading used to be called syn-pols.html and was published on day one, moving to 2002's new "refs" directory as index.html. This detailed copyright information first appeared on this page in 2018. The initial front page (the Springboard), index.html (later moved to 2002's new "intro" directory, being replaced by a completely new front page layout (index.html) in the root directory), theories.html (later renamed index.html and re-located to 2002's new "gmbh" directory), kill-tv.html (later renamed index.html and put in 2002's new "policult" directory), psycho.html (first uploaded on 7 June 1999 and later moved to 2002's new "psychopathy" directory). Also included in the initial publication was kweduc.html (later moved to 2002's new "refs" directory), music1.html (later re-located to 2002's new "policult" directory and in 2012, split into music1.html and music2.html); hackdown.html, (later re-located to 2002's new "policult" directory, and all but abandoned to gather dust), and finally, patrons.html (later renamed realdeal.html and left in's root directory), all going live on Thursday afternoon, the 27th of May, 1999, except for psycho.html which followed about 11 days later; it just wasn't quite ripe, yet.

Instantaneously, at one second after midnight, on January 1st, 2000 (Eastern Time Zone; New York City), all of this above material is considered to be re-published, copyrighted now 2000 and so forth. The pages rights.html and a new index.html were generated to be included in this new 2002 "psychopathy" directory. On January 1, 2002, the website structure grew into several directory divisions: /gmbh, /intro, /policult, /psychopathy, and /refs. Then, in the summer of 2004, a "/backfire" subdirectory was added to the "psychopathy" directory, having this index.html page.

Both tunes.html and sidedish.html manifested in 2003, sometime between May and August, and were put in the root directory. I started writing my short story on policult's future.html in 2012. In May 2020, however, I found that I didn't like where I wrote myself to in the story plot, and hence, took most of it down to start it (almost) all over again - effectively resetting the story's copyright date from 2012 plus, to 2020 plus! 2017 saw the arrival of social.html, earning a place in the root directory, and May 2019 saw the rise of my feminism.html page in the "policult" directory, whose favorites icon looks a little squashed and is to denote women under pressure; the pink page color is to show that there's still more work to be done! I published my academic diplomas on 29 March, 2020. The 9th of April, 2020 saw the initial publication of my musical sources, found on my music.html page located in the "refs" directory.

A new "concerts" subdirectory was created for the "policult" directory, as I started posting concert photographs, etc, linked to this new index.html page, beginning in 2004. Hence, I claim a copyright of 2004 for many of the concert picture presentation pages (specifically, all the ones associated with Frank Zappa, Franken & Davis, the Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin and Ted Nugent), whereas all the photographs being shown on these pages may be considered copyrighted the year the original concert or other event took place, being "used with permission" for publication in a more recent year. However, the more recent concerts added to the concert ticket index.html page (ie Johnny Winter and Robin Trower) will have newly published presentation pages, still being considered copyrighted the same year as the photographs of the original concert, whereas the concert ticket index.html page itself will be considered copyrighted from 2004-Current Year, as I continue to edit this page.

2007 saw the splitting up of humanology.html, located in the "intro" directory, into humanology.html and syntheory.html; the humanology page kept the hit counter, while the syntheory page started fresh at zero.

May 2015 saw the addition of a second subdirectory for the "policult" directory, entitled "ddr". It briefly explores the inner German border, in place from 1949 to 1989. I've included my own passport stamps from mostly East German "transit" border crossings and a picture of me and my cousin Mirek taken in Krakůw, Poland, 1985.

The White Paper page:
and the Index page:

The significance of the page colors: No significance here, really. I just chose different color combinations for each page, as I don't like bright white constantly in my eyes. The only pages where the chosen colors have significance are on the three bibliography pages, my psycho page and the feminism page. When the bibliography was just two pages (A-M, N-Z), the colors were faded-yellow and green - the colors of Prozac.

Now, when I expanded it into three pages, I had to come up with another color which fit the theme of the bibliography pages already in place. I chose black to denote depression. Not only did it go with the Prozac color theme, it also fits my likes of not having a bright white light shining up at the eyes all the time while reading!

The only other page colors with any meaning are the psycho page and the feminism page. The psycho page was an early page getting a lot of my attention. I made the page color dark because I was looking at it a lot. It was only later that it dawned on me that the white-on-black color inversion was also symbolic of the inversion of social-antisocial! The feminism page color is pink to symbolize the problems that are still in plain sight to everyone.

As far as copyrighted material goes, the biblio pages are the most archaic pages. This is because they date back to my Master's Thesis, copyrighted 1998. Since 1998, I've been adding to the bibliography little by little. All of this material from 1998 and 1999 (my Master's Thesis bibliography and the initial writings) was then re-published in 2000, being "used with permission". I did this so as to make a clean break with the last decade-century-millinium! I like fresh starts.

Hence, all pages of may be collectively cited as copyrighted 2000-Current Year; for instance, you write: "© 2000-2023". This also makes my editing the publication years every year for every page unnecessary! However, you may also use the information found on this page to specify a specific year or a more narrow range of years.

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General permission is granted to copy and disseminate the contents of this webpage for fair and reasonable uses within the world of academia, provided that the source is properly cited and credited. Duplications for uses other than academic, must be granted through written permission from the copyright owner.