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Play List:

Unfortunately, I did not write down the songs as they happened. Instead, I created a list of the songs they played from memory after the concert. I present them below in the order of their original release dates. Zep kicked off the concert with "Train Kept A Rollin'", to the roar of the crowd! I suppose that was their indirect homage to Jimmy's Yardbirds roots (remember "Stroll On"?).

Black Mountain Side
Communication Breakdown [2nd and final encore]
Since I've Been Loving You
Black Dog
Rock and Roll [1st encore]
Stairway to Heaven
The Rain Song
Trampled Underfoot
Achilles Last Stand
Nobody's Fault But Mine
In the Evening
Hot Dog
All My Love
Plus: A guitar solo by Page of mysterious origin!
The show's duration was from 20:30 to 22:20.

However, we still have LedZeppelin.com's memory of the evening (as of July 2008).

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