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Attention! This page is not yet completed.

Hiya friends! This page is a launching pad to several concert photo pages and other things that friends, family and I have had the pleasure of going to over the years. The pictures below work as links. Clicking on a link picture will either take you to another page at syntheory.com dedicated to that specific topic, or it will take you to an "external" web page.


Stadthalle, Bremen, Germany Freilichttheater, Bad Segeberg, Germany

Stadthalle, Bremen, Germany Stadthalle, Bremen, Germany

The Spectrum, Philadelphia, USA Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ, USA

Stadthalle, Hannover, Germany

Musikhalle, Hamburg, Germany
Alternate link for Kansas/Cheap Trick.

Congress Centrum, Hamburg, Germany

Musikhalle, Hamburg, Germany

Stadthalle, Bremen, Germany ticket stub

REOticket stub

Tower Theatre, Upper Darby, PA, USA

Rothman Center, Hackensack, NJ, USA

PAC, Galloway Township, NJ, USA PAC, Galloway Township, NJ, USA

Additional subjects -- without tickets to work as links:

Tom Waits in concert at the Beacon Theater in NYC, November 2, 1979. Pictures MIA

38 Special, Black Sabbath (the brief time when Ronnie James Dio was singing for them!) and Blue Öyster Cult in concert at Market Square Arena in Indianapolis, Indiana, October, 1980. Pictures MIA

Jorma Kaukonen (from Hot Tuna, Jefferson Airplane and other bands, I'm sure) performs a solo concert at Stockton State College in Galloway Township, NJ in April, 1982. Stockton "old timers" may recognize the venue as the C Wing Pub! (Actually, the show took place in the big room situated between the door to the pub and the school corridor.)

Warren Zevon plays a concert on a baseball diamond at Stockton State College, September, 1982. The venue is now the site of the G. Larry James Stadium on campus and was specifically located just behind Housing 2's Housing Office and ABC-wing segment.

Franken & Davis shoot a special for Showtime at Stockton State College's Performing Arts Center. My pictures here show the backdrop used during the show being created. Although it's been a while, I'm going to guess they were taken in Upper B Wing! If memory serves, the backdrop was created in late November, 1982; the show was then taped in early December and originally broadcast in February, 1983. Also, the VHS version of this show is copyrighted 1984. Listen carefully, they were almost "Boooed" for the short time they used the backdrop. It was only shown for one joke, but took two days to create!

Timothy Leary lectures in the PAC at Stockton. Pictures MIA

David Bromberg plays a concert in the PAC at Stockton, Friday, Feb. 8, 1985. Pictures MIA However, you may listen to most of this concert, hear. (Just right click the links to download the mp3s and playlist.) Here's the concert listed on davidbromberg.net.


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