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ramblings of a paranoid idiot


They're not all out to get us. Or Are They? You're a fool if you ever trust anyone again.

I'm sure he's tapping my phone, too.

Not only should the USA radically change its current distribution of wealth, but all who oppose this and fight for the old system should be rounded up and summarily executed!

(Conspiracy theorists are too easy a target...or?:)

JFK really died in 1974. (I actually heard this one!)

The real reason why so many poor people don't have health insurance is because "the government" has realized the perfect way to commit legal ma$$ murder.

If the impotent theocracies of the Middle East want nuclear bombs so damn much, maybe we should just give them one or two to try out. See if they like the effect it has on their landscape first!

Everyone named Michael is a criminal.

Even a fool can see that as soon as Iran has nuclear weaponry, they're going to nuke Israel...and then the US! So let's bomb Iran flat now. Send them back to the stone age -- it's really not that far for them! Maybe the other countries in the area will get the message, too. (Mecca would be an obvious Islamic target.) Furthermore, does anybody still remember the Iranian Hostage Crisis (Nov/4/79 to Jan/20/81) and the Ayatollah Assahollah? Well, here are the lyrics again to 1980's hit song, "Bomb Iran"! Does anyone out there still recognize the name "Hitler"? Well, he stalled the opposition by signing anything the na´ve ones would put in front of him until he was ready to go ahead with his plans. Then off we went into WWII. Well, the former Iranian leader "Imanutjob", or however you say it, was just biding his time until he had his nukes all ready to go. They'll play along with all the sanctions and diplomatic crap until they're ready...to start WWIII! A new production of an old plot. Can our current administration actually be so ignorant of historical occurrences? I hope not! ...Is it just me or did the former Iranian leader seem to have a fond admiration for Adolf Hitler, and all he was able to "accomplish" against the Jews?!

I know why there's so much crime happening out there. It's because rich and powerful people want it to exist. Ever buy a security system for your car? How much did you pay for it? How effective is it? What percentage of your ready cash did you have to part with to afford it? Do you have a monitored system in your home or business, too? Imagine that if overnight all criminals would just disappear. The anti-crime industry would go belly up -- we can't have that! Too many people would lose their jobs! Even more significantly, with all the assaults and murders happening all over the place, nobody has time to complain about the shoddy distribution of wealth going on! They're forced to sit in a corner licking their wounds.

Some day we may just make it all the way to the moon.

Religious beliefs in general, being mostly delusions, are in fact symptoms of a mental illness (I believe it's called "theologia"). The more fanatical the belief structure, the more severe the disturbance.

Dark cars carry bad people.


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