I believe that you, a nice Internet dweller, deserves to know what's behind my social media posts -- especially if they make you angry. (I am known variously as kwindish, kcwindish, ken.windish and ken.windish.la.) Well, here goes...

My political beliefs are, for the most part, very average. Not very extreme at all. Only when it comes to violent criminals and the death penalty, do I jump aboard and blow the whistle! However, this fool Trump has triggered something in me I need to get out. Protection of my dear democracy! It is mostly for this reason, (my usually lukewarm political beliefs), that I am now embarking on a journey of imaginative creation. I will often be writing things that have nothing to do with my real feelings and beliefs. I might play the devil's advocate, I will often point out an extreme or unpopular facet of our society. Maybe I'll say things I feel people are thinking, but are afraid to say out loud! At any rate, I may piss people off. If I do, I apologize, but I will not change. One of the pearls of wisdom my father laid on me was that if you want to be famous, be controversial! If I insulted or tore down your guy or gal, just wait...I'll get to the others eventually. My short story harbors other such feelings and ideas....

I wish no one real physical harm, but I'll say I do in order to point out how damn often violence is the chosen remedy! I will be acting like the father who catches his 10 year old son smoking a cigarette and then makes him smoke 20 in a row to get him sick of it and give it up! I'm going to try shoving hate and violence in America's face to help us get sick and tired of references to violence and to perhaps even stop making and buying all the violent, lawless video games or making all those pathetic, hateful movies. I know it's like holding back the ocean with a broom, but ya gotta start somewhere! I'm currently making a case on another page that violence is in fact infantile and represents lazy thinking. It's also pretty cool trying to "contain" peoples' anger as a psychotherapist does when the client engages in transference. He knows it's not personal, but still it's quite an emotion to handle. I've seen a lot of hateful messages directed towards my user name - in reaction to what I wrote in a data-gathering venture. Wow. Research requires sacrifice.

Most of these extreme posts were from 2017 and 2018. I eventually felt I had amassed enough research data and, truthfully, I was getting tired of reading all the hateful reaction posts! I believe the most intense response I saw was when I suggested that you "pick off" a republican before they can even get to a voting booth! People who know me in person wouldn't see me as being hateful or anything like that, etc, and so might have a hard time believing it was really me who pushed the enter key on those kinds of posts.

For my FB friends, know this: Most of my posts are classified as Public. Hence, if you reply to one of my posts, the entire world will have the opportunity to read your comments! Furthermore, I request that if my posts rub you the wrong way, that you please don't Un-friend me. Just Un-follow me so that I still get to see what you put out there.

6th of September, 2018 Update: It's been a little over a year that I have been experimenting with eliciting and holding the anger and hatred I've noticed out there in the general public - at least in those who use the Internet. I'm going to scale back my experimental posting a bit. The main effect of this will be that I respond to fewer posts in that capacity; I'll only react to the especially good ones, perhaps. My outrageous posts are mostly from 2017 and 2018 (the first two years of the Trump administration), in case you wish to do some research on me. I chose to scale back the negativity a bit because I felt I had a good amount of research done, and a friend suggested that without a scientific curiosity driving it, all I'm doing is just trolling people! That's the last thing I'd want to do, so I'm going to be more selective as to what I respond to like that.

Why are most of my posts "Public"? Well, it seems that I need to advertise my website, as every time Google tweaks its search engine, my main psychopath page slips deeper and deeper into the search results! As recently as 2013, I was seeing about 20 hits a day; now it's down to maybe 1 or 2 per day! For this reason, I need to get my name out there another way. Hence the public posts. Furthermore, sweet posts don't get you noticed or researched very often. Now, say something awful and suddenly everyone wants to know who you are! Hopefully, I'll somehow get people to go to my website and check it out. And if they still hate me...oh, well. Can't expect everyone to like or spot the good in you!



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