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This second page presents links more germain to syntheory. I see syntheory as a bridge between humanology and physics, culminating in the theory of everything. That end theory will probably be called quantum gravity. Yet, on the elegant universe link below, physicist Brian Greene states, "Almost everyone agrees that finding the T.O.E. would in no way mean that psychology, biology, geology, chemistry, or even physics had been solved or in some sense subsumed." That quote is found in the first paragraph under the heading "A fresh start for science".

The "T.O.E." above is the "theory of everything", and I guess I'm one of the few who do believe that finding the ultimate theory of physics will indeed subsume psychology/humanology/syntheory. It'll just be a matter of devising and solving incredibly complex calculations - correctly. The most advanced computer systems of today will be reduced to a mere chip in the machine that will make such calculations. In other words, once the T.O.E. is secure, then it'll still take years to "solve" psychology/humanology/syntheory.

Finally, humanology is an important precursor theory to syntheory. Syntheory is then a bridge from humanology to physics. Humanology links are found on this page.

Syntheory Links:

First a (fantastic!) 1997 book by Roger Penrose, then some links.

A Google Search

Quantum theory made easy Part I: an introduction to the new physics

Stephen W. Hawking's website

The Elegant Universe

Quantum Brain, Quantum Mind & Quantum Consciousness On-going articles.

Integral Science Lots of links.

Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity

Quantum theory, neuroscience and psychology Lots of articles.

Quantum physics in neuroscience and psychology

Quantum Resonance Theory Lots of links.

Creativity : quantum mechanics, music and psychology

Thoughts on Syntheory

I believe that human beings can become "quantumly entangled" if they are genetically related to each other. The closer the relation, the tighter the potential entanglement. ("Twins" would comprise a highly desirable subject pool for a scientific inquiry into this area.) Another way to become entangled with someone is to share a lot of experiences (events) together. You can't discuss person A without considering the impact of person B on person A. Family members, longtime close friends and married couples are examples of this.

Now just what defines quantum entanglement between people, I'm not sure, but I do believe that some kind of exchange between thusly related people is possible across great distances. If one is in fear of his life, for instance, the other may get a simultaneously uneasy feeling in general, or even knowingly about the first person, regardless of the amount of space separating their physical locations. Perhaps it's just the simple sharing of a threshold amount of memory at work here; sameness in the form of having genes and chromosomes in common, or of sharing numerous experiential memories may have a general joining effect. Did'ja ever hear David Bromberg's song, Bullfrog Blues? Got 16 minutes?

Is rock really solid? Is outer space really a complete vacuum? I suspect that "solidity" is a continuous dimension; a continuum. A different threshold separates each of the occurring "states" on the continuum. What we consider solid rock could seem porous to something else; things become less dense, even more tenuious as you move across the continuum of solidity. If it is possible to move through the vacuum of space, the air of the atmosphere and then through water, why is it not possible to move through "solid" rock? I'm sure there is something, somewhere which can move through what we regard as solid objects, as though they were air! You just need to be more physically tenuious.

Now let's focus a moment on the human being and imagine a developmental crossover to the stars! For one, both people and stars have what is called a birth, characterised by an accumulation and compacting of materials over time, into a more organised and solid structure or being. This is followed by a young, immature stage and then a main sequence, or adulthood. These are eventually followed by a decline and death - sometimes mundane, sometimes spectacular!

Humanology Links:

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