Bring It On Home!

In 1980, various conditions in the universe cosmically conspired, allowing me the honor of being present while Led Zeppelin played one of its last live concerts ever. The group was touring Europe that summer after releasing their first new album in three years. Sadly, in late September, Led Zeppelin was forced to resign itself to history upon the death of their drummer, John Henry Bonham.

The particular concert I attended was postponed almost a month from its original date. I don't know why it was delayed, but I do know I would have missed seeing them in May if it hadn't been. I attended a wedding and did not get to Germany until mid June.

Within a week after landing, my best friend in Germany showed me the Zeppelin tickets. Man, did I flip. I couldn't wait for the day to arrive. My friend, his girlfriend and I all went to the concert where she took the black and white pictures -- from atop his shoulders, no less. I hadn't yet replaced my failing "Vivitar 110" camera since the Ted Nugent concert a year before!

The beautiful pictures on this page were purchased by me in the early 1980s. I felt I had to provide you some great photos so you can see what the people actually look like, before turning to the less than perfect black and white photos from the concert I went to.

By the way...have you ever listened to FZ-MOI's white album,
"Fillmore East June 1971"


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