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Summary of my Formal Education

(West) Germany:

I graduated High School from the Internationale Schule Hamburg, e.V. (ISH), in June 1979. [Had I not moved to Germany during my 8th grade, I would have attended Pascack Hills High School with all my dear childhood friends. As it turned out, I later worked there as a substitute teacher!]

Go here for a brief history of the school's four locations over the years. I attended ISH at Holmbrook 20, Othmarschen, its third location. See "Diploma".

Here's some general info on the international school and the Hansestadt Hamburg. I found yet another web page for the international school. It is here.

I earned my BA in Psychology from The Richard Stockton State College of New Jersey in Galloway Township, NJ, December 1985. In 1993, it changed its name to The Richard Stockton College, dropping the state affiliation and becoming a private institution. Finally, since the spring semester 2015 it is known simply as Stockton University. I'm proud to have been one of the students SSC-RSC-SU "cut its teeth on" as an undergraduate-only school, in order to enjoy its current scholastic reputation; now conferring Masters and PhD degrees! See BA Diplomas.

 I was granted my MS in Counseling (with a concentration in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling), by the California State University Hayward, in June 1998. It has since changed its name to the California State University East Bay, reflecting its growing, multi-city presence in the San Francisco area. See MS Diploma.

Here is Hayward's website and one for the San Francisco Bay Area in general.

 My thesis makes up some of the theoretical foundation found on this website and in the donation essays.  In fact, syntheory.com can be considered "My Master's Thesis, Part Two: The Project", as I finally flesh out my ideas.

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