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Musical References on Syntheory.com


Factual Notice: The letters accompanying some publication dates indicate that the artist(s) released multiple albums in the same year, the letter indicating which particular one is being referenced.

Alice Cooper, (1975). Escape. Welcome To My Nightmare, Atlantic Records.

Archies, The, (1970). Waldo P. Emerson Jones. Sunshine, Kirshner Records.

Eloy (1973). Inside. Harvest Records.

Frank Zappa, (1971a). The Mud Shark. Fillmore East - June 1971, Reprise Records.

Frank Zappa, (1972a). Billy The Mountain. Just Another Band From LA, Reprise Records.

Frank Zappa, (1974b). Be-Bop Tango. Roxy & Elsewhere, Los Angeles: Discreet Records, Inc.

Frank Zappa, (1978b). The Adventures of Greggery Peccary. Studio Tan, Discreet Records, Inc.

Frank Zappa, (1979b). Rat Tomago, Sheik Yerbouti, Holland: CBS Records.

Frank Zappa, (1981d). Tinseltown Rebellion. Tinseltown Rebellion, CBS Records, Inc.

Randy Newman, (1972), God's Song (That's Why I Love Mankind), Sail Away, Reprise Records.




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