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As my inaugural publication of this feminism-centered web page (18 May, 2019), I am going to simply publish a letter I received from an upset feminist on FaceBook, addressed to all U.S. men. (I edited the following only three times, fixing two small instances of spelling/grammar mix-up and adding the two rows of the female symbols at the top and bottom.):

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Men on my timeline, I'm posting this as a heads up for the foreseeable future. Our government has declared a war on women. Most of the women you know are stunned, in shock, infuriated, terrified, and a host of other emotions today. Usually we try to spare your feelings. We have run out of capacity for that.

If you are a good ally to us, we know. You don't need to tell us "but I'm not like that!" We know. Shut up and help us.

We don't need you telling us that if we are out here speaking caustically about men, you don't want to help us. If your doing the right thing is dependent upon us "being nice" and trying not to hurt your feelings, take a fucking walk. You're not valuable enough for us to waste our time on you. If you can understand that a lot of our screaming is because we are trapped and powerless in many ways, and that you are not trapped and powerless in the same ways, HELP US.

Share the memes. Spread the information. Let your bros see you supporting us. Let your CONGRESSIONAL REPRESENTATIVES see you supporting us. Argue FOR us in the comments. Be seen.

These anti-woman state measures are the velociraptors hurling themselves at the electrified fence, seeking a weak spot. They probably won't work individually, but eventually one will make it to the Supreme Court, where Yertle and Cheetolini have made sure there are two new anti choice white men sitting.

This is not about abortion. Abortion is the emotional trigger, the smokescreen for the real agenda.

This is about controlling women. Alabama also has a bill working its way through the state legislature that would take women whose rapists have been found not guilty and automatically find them guilty of filing false charges, and jail them for it. What do you think that's going to do to the chances of rape victims prosecuting?

This is about controlling women. There are provisions in these bills that make certain forms of long acting birth control illegal, too, making unwanted pregnancies MORE likely.

This is about controlling women. The cost of a tubal ligation varies in this country, from $2200 to over $9000, and that's assuming that you can find a doctor to agree to do one if you're not "old enough" or if you don't have "enough children." Many states and insurance companies are working on legislation that would make sure birth control isn't covered by insurance, so you're shouldering the cost alone, and if you have to choose between paying rent and buying birth control, unwanted pregnancy becomes more likely.

This is about controlling women. If abortion is a felony, and felons can't vote, what happens to women's votes?

This is about controlling women. How many times have you seen "close your legs" in the comments section on abortion?

This is about controlling women. When a woman is able to choose if and when to have children, she is less likely to remain trapped in the cycle of poverty.

Men friends, I love you. But your demographic contains bad people, and those bad people are making it dangerous for me and my sisters and daughters, my trans and non-binary friends, for any of us who have uteruses. I need to be able to rage against that group and get shit done without having to slow down and coddle your hurt feelings. We are ready to set the world on fire, and when you say "not all men...." "but I'm not..." "not all Christians...." it makes us want to use you for fucking kindling.


♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀

My two cents' worth on the above letter:

I think that what we are seeing today is the unfolding of a sinister plot hatched long ago, before that piggish buffoon was even elected president. I'm not sure on all of the motives, but one of the more obvious ones is that a group of men somewhere got fed up with having to put up with women in the work place. Sexual harrassment lawsuits were seen to be unavoidable and hence, unacceptable. Women were "cramping their style". Now, what is the biggest factor in deciding whether a woman works or not? Apparently, having a child was their answer. Now, all they have to do is illegalize abortion again, and over time women will vacate the work place, leaving more room for the boy's club once again!

Another reason for that buffoon to be elected was to loosen or remove all the EPA's measures that protect the environment against pollution and harmul factory discharges. That system apparently stiffled business and had to be cleared away to make America great again; to make the US more competitive with China, a country that isn't much hindered by environmental polution laws.

Perhaps those in power at the big 3 (China, Russia & the US) are convinced the human race has come as far as it can. What happens now will be a fatal entropy. Everybody's trying to position themselves for when the shit actually does hit the fan.

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